Pepe's Hideaway
67 LaPunta, 67 Camino Don Diego
Manzanillo, Colima, 28860, Mexico
213-261-6821 en Español (314) 334-1690

Otomi Embroidery

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Own an original Mexican handicraft. Handmade with different patterns.

2x2 square meters. (6.50 sq.ft X 6.50 sq.ft.)
We ship internationally via DHL

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Craft production plays a large part in the economies of several Eastern Otomi communities. The Otomi villages in area of Tenango de Doria region are well known for their colorful, decorative embroidered textiles. The Tenango region is located in the Sierra Tepehua- Otomi of the State of Hidalgo, named for the two indigenous groups that cohabitate the region. The Otomi are the fifth largest indigenous group in Mexico. It is believed that the original designs for these textiles comes from ancient wall paintings located on the cliffs outside of San Nicolas, Tenango.

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The hand embroidered bedspreads presented here are custom made by the Tenango Textiles Collective for Pepe's Hideaway. These unique bedspreads are available in a large number of designs, full of color and life, designed by Otomi craftswomen.

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Pepe's Hideaway is a serene, authentic vacation resort located in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico, each bedroom in the cabanas at Pepe's Hideaway are decorated with these wonderful Otomi embroideries. The products pictured here are a sample of the unique bedspreads available from the Otomi textile collectives and produced for Pepe's Hideaway with his unique logo. The talented Otomi Indian embroiderers over time have won world wide recognition for these incredibly beautiful products.